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nikon d5100 review

Let's round up Amazon's best gems. While the D-pad stays in its usual place, the dedicated live view button usually found on the back of the body on other Nikon DSLRs has disappeared altogether, with an all-new spring loaded lever extending from the Shooting mode dial on the top of the camera now responsible for activating and deactivating live view. While the D5000 also benefited from an articulated monitor, the D5100’s screen trumps it hands-down in every way – at threeinches it’s physically bigger, and at 921k-dots it offers a far superior resolution. Despite many of the buttons moving around, one thing that remains very much in the D5100’s favour is the straightforward menu navigation system. Significantly smaller and lighter, it’s also easy to use, offers good performance and is capable of delivering consistently good results, both in stills and movie mode. More useful still, is the ability to process Raw files into regular JPEGs in-camera. If set to On, the camera will automatically adjust the sensitivity if proper exposure cannot be achieved at the value chosen by the photographer. The following photo demonstrates the Nikon D5100’s tilt shift feature. We’ll always tell you what we find. Here are some of the best movies Netflix has to offer. Its Adaptive Dynamic Range (ADR) defaults to AUTO, and it works great. One thing we were somewhat disappointed to discover missing from the D5100’s repertoire is built-in wireless flash control. As with most DSLRs fitted with a built-in microphone, lens noise can be a bit of an issue while recording movies with the camera picking up the internal whirring of the autofocus system – especially when filming in a quiet location. Constructed of polycarbonate over stainless steel, the 21.6-ounce D5000 weighs a few ounces more than the D60 and competing Canon EOS Rebel T1i but about 4 … This makes the D5100 really easy to use. Trump threatens veto of defense bill unless Congress nixes Section 230, How Boeing is building the world's most powerful deep-space rocket, 'All photos will just look better' in Android phones with Qualcomm's new chip, ISO 100 (expanded)/200 - ISO 3200/12,800 (expanded), ISO 100 (expanded)/200 - ISO 1600/3200 (expanded), ISO 100 (expanded)/200 - ISO 3200/6400 (expanded), 1/4000 to 30 secs; bulb; 1/200 sec x-sync, 1/8000 to 30 secs; bulb; 1/250 sec x-sync, 1080/24p; 720/30p/25p/24p H.264 QuickTime MOV, 1080/30p/24p; 720/30p/25p/24p H.264 QuickTime MOV. Alternatively, you can set the camera to manual focus and adjust it yourself, though this option does take some practice to master. We had asked Nikon about this at the D5100 launch event and were told it was going to be part of the feature set, so to find it isn’t was doubly disappointing. Compared to its competitors, this puts the D5100 somewhere in the middle; the Canon EOS 600D is a tad slower at 3.7fps, the Pentax K-r faster at 6fps, and the Sony A580 faster still at 7fps.Since the arrival of the D3 and D300 in 2008, Nikon has deservedly gained a reputation for producing DSLRs able to shoot in low-light at high sensitivities while delivering images largely free of intrusive, image-degrading noise. DSLR newcomers trying to gain a better understanding of what all the various features and functions do are well catered for too, with a simple tap of the ‘?’ button bringing up short snippets of easy-to-understand information on what each of the selected settings and functions does. Despite the higher-resolution sensor, the D5100 delivers visibly better image quality at all ISO sensitivities than the D5000, although the D5000 has slightly better white balance. This is my first ever 'for dummies' book and I am quite impressed with it. Liked: Quality 16-megapixel images. PlacementID: 'plte5ygLBZuT8RrDXzB', With all the options displayed clearly on the monitor, accessing and changing these key settings with the D-pad proves both easy and intuitive, becoming almost second-nature before long. Though there's far more color noise in the high ISO JPEGs than I'd like, there's still enough detail, color saturation, and tonality to make the photo usable. $799.99: Get the deal: Nikon D5600 Two Lens Kit with 18-55mm VR... Nikon D5600 Two Lens Kit with 18-55mm VR and 70-300mm ED Black, 24.2MP,5fps, ISO to 25,600, HD Learn More. Similarly, the D5100 also lacks a depth-of-field preview button. (function (v,i) { An update to the popular D5000 with an improved monitor plus Full HD video support and seven built-in special effects.Nikon’s D5100 DSLR arrives just a year after the release of the D5000 it replaces, offering higher resolution, improved video performance and a more adjustable LCD monitor.

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