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pewdiepie rewind 2017

[171] In December, Kjellberg was acknowledged as the most-viewed creator of the year, with more than 4 billion views in 2019. Kjellberg received a second Gold Play Button for the Jack septiceye2 channel in 2016. "[12] Kjellberg has commented on fans from Malaysia and Singapore; during a trip to Kuala Lumpur in 2016, fans entered his hotel to search for him, which he expressed annoyance with. Likewise, for critics and fans who value inclusivity—and among outside observers who view [Kjellberg]'s conduct as inexplicably frequent in the news—[Kjellberg] represents all that is wrong and alienating about games culture. [309][310], On 24 September 2015, Kjellberg released his own video game, PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist, on iOS and Android. ", "PewDiePie and T-Series quietly settled a court battle over 'racist' diss tracks following their epic YouTube battle", "Pewdiepie Calls For End To The 'Subscribe To Pewdiepie' Meme", "PewDiePie calls for an end to the 'Subscribe to PewDiePie' meme after New Zealand shooting", "There's a plane flying around New York with a 'subscribe to PewDiePie' banner", "PewDiePie Picks DLive as Exclusive Live-Streaming Platform, Will Donate Up to $50,000 to Other Creators (EXCLUSIVE)", "PewDiePie Forges First Exclusive Livestreaming Partnership with DLive", "Minecraft is having a big comeback in 2019", "Minecraft's recent surge on YouTube proves that the 'PewDiePie Effect' is still real", "PewDiePie surpasses 100m subscriber mark on YouTube", "PewDiePie Hits 100 Million Subscribers, And Surprisingly, YouTube Pays Him Tribute", "PewDiePie banned in China after reacting to Winnie the Pooh memes", "PewDiePie Is the Most-Watched YouTube Creator of 2019 With 4 Billion Views", "PewDiePie returns to YouTube after 37-day hiatus", "YouTube signs exclusive deal with PewDiePie", "PewDiePie Signs Exclusive Livestreaming Deal With YouTube", "COLUMN Why Pewdiepie is Sweden's hottest Internet star", "pewdiepie YouTube Stats by Social Blade (28 June 2013–27 July 2013 archive)", "Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • June 2013", "Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • July 2013", "Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • August 2013", "Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • October 2013", "Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • December 2013", "10 Most-Watched YouTube Gaming Videos of 2013", "Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • January 2014", "Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • September 2014", "Sorry Rihanna, PewDiePie Now Most Viewed YouTube Channel Of All Time", "Top 100 Youtubers Filtered by Most Viewed (20 July 2014 archive)", "emimusic YouTube Stats, Channel Statistics (27 December 2014–5 January 2015 archive)", "PewDiePie YouTube Stats, Channel Statistics (23 December 2014–1 January 2015 archive)", "PewDiePie YouTube Stats, Channel Statistics (30 August–8 September 2015 archive)", "PewDiePie's new milestone proves his T-Series rivalry is a total game-changer", "PewDiePie YouTube Stats, Channel Statistics (28 April 2015 archive)", "PewDiePie YouTube Stats, Channel Statistics (27 August 2019 archive)", "PewDiePie becomes the first individual YouTube creator to hit 100 million subscribers", "Survey: YouTube Stars More Popular Than Mainstream Celebs Among U.S. [26] In August 2014, Maker Studios released an official PewDiePie app for the iPhone, allowing audiences to view his videos, create custom favourite video feeds and share videos with others. He's accumulated over 104 million subscribers. [23][24][25], During the early portion of his YouTube career, Kjellberg did not hire any editor or outside assistance to help with his video output, stating he wanted "YouTube to be YouTube. Kjellberg also designed an action figure for himself to celebrate his first 100 million followers. These awards are earned upon surpassing the 100,000; 1 million; 10 million; 50 million; and 100 million subscriber milestones, respectively. "[Funny] SCARY MOMENTS IN VIDEO GAMES - (episode 5)" is a compilation of PewDiePie's gaming content, featuring clips of his Let's Plays of horror games. This thread is archived. [36] Five years later, Kjellberg recalled, "I knew people were big at other types of videos, but there was no one big in gaming, and I didn't know you could make money out of it. "[10][227][239] The developers of indie game McPixel stated, "The largest force driving attention to McPixel at that time were 'Let's Play' videos. "[20], In September 2014, Rob Walker of Yahoo! Kjellberg's channel became the most-subscribed channel on YouTube on 15 August 2013. [28][268] He stated he felt he made enough money from YouTube, and found endorsing too many brands to be disrespectful to his fans. called Kjellberg's popularity "insane", writing, that it "strikes me as considerably more curious – I mean, you know who Rihanna is, but would you recognize this kid if he was standing in line behind you at the bank? [15][28] Although games being featured on Kjellberg's channel have reportedly contributed to their commercial success, he has stated, "I just want to play the games, not influence sales. Justin Bieber's "Baby" took the second position with 10 million dislikes. [291] Kjellberg contributed one dollar to the charity for every 500 views the video announcing the campaign accumulated, up to a maximum of $10,000. [266] Maker Studios, which both Kjellberg and Marzia were represented by, brokered the ad deal between the two and Legendary Pictures. [11][12] During high school, he would skip classes to play video games at an Internet café with friends. Subtitled as the "King of YouTube" on The Verge's 2014 "Verge 50" list—the outlet's "definitive list of the most interesting people building the future." They don't include sponsorships, however; just ad revenue from YouTube. Here's How You Did", "Many fans gather at Social Star Awards for YouTube stars, not music superstars", "Why PewDiePie's New Game Is Proof We're All Doomed", "The 10 Most Difficult-to-Defend Online Fandoms", "Reasons why PewDiePie is the top Youtube channel despite all controversies", "PewDiePie is about to be dethroned as YouTube's biggest channel", "Who is PewDiePie, YouTube's record-setting personality? youtube youtube rewind 2018 pewdiepie youtube rewind jaiden animations. There's not a producer out there [...] there's no writer, there's no camera guy. [142][143] On the prospect of being surpassed by T-Series in terms of subscriber count, he stated he was not concerned about T-Series, but feared the consequences a corporate channel surpassing him would have for YouTube as a video-sharing platform. [9] His father is also a corporate executive. In response, Kjellberg tweeted his disgust after having his name associated with the attack, and offered condolences to those affected by the tragedy. [84][85] According to Social Blade, on 29 December 2014, Kjellberg's channel amassed over 7 billion views, to become the most-viewed channel on the website. Think about that for a moment. wrote Kjellberg's "chosen mode of sharing his critique happens to be ribald entertainment, an unmediated stream of blurted jokes, startled yelps, goofy voices, politically incorrect comments and pretty much nonstop profanity. [18][21] Lev Grossman of Time noted that "he's totally unpolished, but at the same time his timing is consistently spot-on," adding that "most of the critical literature about PewDiePie focuses on the bad language and crude physical humor–and admittedly there are a lot of both–and the fact that he is, at the end of the day, just a guy playing video games and yelling. Not surprisingly, The New York Times listed This Book Loves You as the top seller in the young adult category. These outlets suggested that Kjellberg's content contained and promoted fascist, white supremacist, and alt-right ideologies. [249] In June 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported that Kjellberg earned $4 million in 2013;[250][251] Kjellberg confirmed on Reddit that the figures were somewhat close to what he actually earned. [140][141] Kjellberg also made allegations against T-Series using subscribing bots, but failed to prove so, as YouTube claims to have a strong policy against fake-engagement. [167][168] Video game media outlets, such as Polygon and The Verge, largely credited this newfound success to Kjellberg, with The Verge suggesting that the surge "proves that the 'PewDiePie Effect' is still real" (about the Oprah effect-like success enjoyed by games Kjellberg has played). [227] In 2016, Maker Studios' international chief content officer was cited in The Guardian as comparing "the average parent's bafflement at their teenage children's passion for stars like PewDiePie, KSI, and Zoella to past generations' inability to comprehend punk rock or gangsta rap. [2] In October, Kjellberg stated in a video that his YouTube content, as well as content related to him on other websites such as Reddit, had been blocked in China. It's really, really hard. PewDiePie, who's had his fair share of controversy, is viewed in a more positive light by this demographic than a popular pro basketball player who's never had a major scandal. This video included celebrities such as Jake and Logan Paul, as well as recalling the dead trend that is the fidget spinner. On Feb. 7, when Express UK published the article, he had 103 million subscribers. [45], Early in his YouTube career, Kjellberg used jokes about rape in his videos. [‡ 10] By early 2017, he had uploaded almost 3,500 videos to his channel, around 400 of which have been made private. [1] Ultimately, Kjellberg did not delete his PewDiePie channel, and instead deleted a smaller second channel he had then-recently created. [131], In a video uploaded in early December, Kjellberg promoted several small content creators on YouTube, recommending his viewers to subscribe to them. [126] Kjellberg also began Pew News, a satirical series where he presents and discusses recent news stories while in-character, often as fictional characters named after CNN hosts, such as Gloria Borger, Poppy Harlow, or Mary Katharine Ham and sometimes, an amalgamation of these names. Kjellberg largely centered his videos around Minecraft in the following months, with the content featured in his series Meme Review and LWIAY also becoming focused on the game. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg[‡ 3] (/ˈʃɛlbɜːrɡ/ SHEL-burg,[3] Swedish: [ˈfěːlɪks ˈǎrːvɪd ɵlf ˈɕɛ̂lːbærj] (listen);[c] born 24 October 1989), known online as PewDiePie (/ˈpjuːdiːpaɪ/ PEW-dee-py), is a Swedish YouTuber, comedian, gamer, and philanthropist, known primarily for his Let's Play videos and comedic formatted shows. [12] Kjellberg has also uploaded music onto his channel, often accompanied by animation, fan art, or live footage. "[236] He later apologized to fans from the two countries, stating that seeing the effect he had "on fans back then [during his 2013 trip to Singapore] was cool" and that he would "be lying" if he claimed to hate this initial experience with fans, although added that he has grown to not enjoy being treated as more than a person. As YouTube support states, advertising revenue for YouTubers fluctuate over time due to several factors, like the viewer's location and the time of the year. "[178], By December 2011, Kjellberg's channel had around 60,000 subscribers,[33] and on 9 May 2012, it reached 500,000 subscribers. If anyone could do it, though, it's PewDiePie. [33][57] In August, Kjellberg signed with Maker's gaming sub-network, Polaris. [182] In June 2013, Tubefilter began a monthly listing of the most viewed YouTube channels. [289] During the following voting period, Kjellberg won and donated his cash winnings to the World Wildlife Fund. [262] The Guardian commented that the reason the media was so captivated by Kjellberg's earnings is that the topic "offers a rare insight into the money being made at the top end of YouTube stardom", adding "it's very rare for any YouTube creator to talk about their earnings publicly, not least because YouTube itself does not encourage it". According to PRWeek, a study by marketing firm Purple Moon found that, in 2019, PewDiePie earned over $6.8 million in merchandise sales. Report. [122] As a response to the incident, Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman referred to Kjellberg as "worse than a closeted racist", announced that Campo Santo would file copyright strikes against Kjellberg's videos featuring the studio's game Firewatch, and encouraged other game developers to do the same. He continued playing video games, but he started experimenting. [46] Shortly after, Kjellberg attracted criticism and controversy for the jokes, and in October 2012, he addressed the issue through a Tumblr post, writing, "I just wanted to make clear that I'm no longer making rape jokes, as I mentioned before I'm not looking to hurt anyone and I apologise if it ever did. [92] On 8 December, it reached 50 million subscribers, becoming the first YouTube channel to do so. [88] On 6 September, his YouTube account became the first to eclipse 10 billion video views. What does matter, instead, are views and getting the fans to watch more videos from the channel. [63] In the same month, Kjellberg proclaimed his dislike of YouTube's new comment system and disabled the comment section on all of his videos. [116] Kjellberg and the two individuals later apologised,[110] but the event led Maker Studios to cut their ties with Kjellberg and Google to drop him from the Google Preferred advertising program and cancel the upcoming second season of the Scare PewDiePie YouTube Red series. [259] Forbes commented that Kjellberg's income would have been higher had he avoided the pushback from advertisers resulting from the controversies surrounding his videos in 2017. "[12] Fridays with PewDiePie is a notable set of videos uploaded by Kjellberg towards the beginning portion of his YouTube career. ", "Last of Us Renders One of the Loudest YouTube Personalities Speechless", "Top 15 Most Watched PewDiePie Videos On YouTube", "Femårig rappare toppar listan över Sveriges mest populära Youtube-videor", "PewDiePie vs T-Series: The battle for the biggest YouTube channel", "At 24 Million YouTube Subscribers, PewDiePie Decides To Scale Back", "PewDiePie distances himself from offensive jokes, says he's grown up", "Want To Work For YouTube's Biggest Star? [99] The series premiered the following February. "I wanted to say it in advance because I made up my mind," he said. PewDiePie's antics are the thin end of the wedge", "PewDiePie thinks 'Death to all Jews' is a joke. In the video, the YouTube celebrity pretended to receive a call from Google in which the internet giant revealed the key to success on the platform: more dislikes. [314] Kjellberg helped Ibrisagic with the core concept of the game and provided him with feedback and creative direction. Directed by Kai Hasson. In December 2019, PewDiePie announced in a video that he was planning on taking a break from the platform in early 2020. [197] Studies of the gaming community on YouTube have shown that 95% of video game players engage in watching online videos related to gaming, which has been linked to being an important reason for Kjellberg's popularity. The first part, titled "#REHASH" aired on 3 December, while the second part, titled "#HappyHolograms", aired on 10 December. Achetez Youtubers Vloggers New Youtube Rewind 2017 Poster Zoe Joe Caspar Phil & Dan Lucy Lydia Troye Oli White Tyler Oakley KSI Miranda Chante Connor Franta Pewdiepie Casey Neistat Sugg Favourites A1, Noir, A1 (594mm x 841mm) : Posters : Livraison gratuite possible dès 25€ [28], In December 2016, he hosted Cringemas, a livestream held across two days (9 and 10 December, both at around 6 pm–10 pm GMT), with other Revelmode creators. The video is the 106th episode of PewDiePie's. [165][166] On 21 June, Kjellberg launched Gaming Week, during which he would focus on uploading Let's Play videos every day for the first time in several years. Using the YouTube Money Calculator — and some average pay rates based on the industry — researchers at Purple Moon estimated PewDiePie made over $1 million in advertising revenue in 2019. [90][94] With over 4.5 million dislikes (as of 22 April 2020), the video ranks as Kjellberg's most-disliked, as well as one of the most-disliked on the entire YouTube platform. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. [189][190] According to Tubefilter and The Guardian, the channel amassed nearly 14 million new subscribers and around 4.1 billion video views in 2014; both figures were higher than any other user. [17] A satirical video mocking Kjellberg's content highlighted his usage of such jokes. [191] It has eclipsed the 10 billion video view milestone on 6 September 2015, becoming the first channel to do so. [128][130] In July, Kjellberg posted a meme with singer Demi Lovato's face; the meme jokingly referenced Lovato's struggles with addiction. PewDiePie, the world most popular YouTube star, has spoken out about his exclusion from this year’s YouTube Rewind end-of-year recap. 1 in #Famechangers Digital Star Ranking", "What People Get Wrong About PewDiePie, YouTube's Biggest Star", "With 50m weekly views, PewDiePie is world's most popular YouTube channel", "PewDiePie: YouTube's biggest star is a profane Swede you've never heard of", "PewDiePie Is the Most Popular YouTube Star in the World. All the included clips were accompanied by PewDiePie's diss track, "B*tch Lasagna." (We raised $450 000 for Charity Water)", Most-viewed online videos in the first 24 hours, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Backstage, Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy,, Number-one YouTube channels in subscribers, Streamy Award-winning channels, series or shows, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Articles with dead external links from June 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected biographies of living people, Articles containing potentially dated statements from September 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Wikipedia articles with BIBSYS identifiers, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SELIBR identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "LEVEL 7 | I'M NOT CRAZY (OUTLAST IRL GAMEPLAY)", "THE RUBY PLAYBUTTON / YouTube 50 Mil Sub Reward Unbox", "YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good", "Jabba the Hutt (PewDiePie Song) by Schmoyoho", "[Funny] SCARY MOMENTS IN VIDEO GAMES - (episode 5)", "It's been real, but I'm out!

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